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transferQuite naturally, you will then notice immediately that getting this evidence of transfer of life force is extremely easy and, most importantly, it is amazing and very convincing whenever you show it to others, especially when they get the feeling of life energy and the change of taste in water and other beverages within less than a minute, and this happens just off the wallpaper of your smartphone or off a chi-card®, which you have in your pocket ... a chi-card which can be designed as your business and which you can connect with a Chi Generator®.
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... and now some questions and answers:

How can a person with absolutely no experience get access to life force (also known as Chi, orgone, prana, od, mana, personal magnetism, etc.) , in order to achieve manifestation and control ... at the push of a button? --
Think of equipment using electricity, such as a refrigerator - you do not need to know its structure in order to be capable of using it - all you need to do is supply it with electricity, i.e., plug it in and turn it on!

How can a person with no education get well ahead in the often annoying office game... while a team of trained-graduated "professionals" is unable to do so?  
Think of "professionals" of the "olden times" before electricity and its machinery were known - or in times before computers and internet !!!  Now it's YOU who can have control with the help of this extremely powerful new technology.

How is it possible that someone can generate thousands of precise and desired manifestations to override unwanted future events and turn them into something she or he desires ... without being a "magician?" 
With the same approach as learning to drive a car!  No need to know how the engine works, no "spiritual explanations" of the function of the automobile, etc. - all you need to know is how to use it and how to read a map or how to use your GPS, and know a few traffic rules so you will drive safely - and be aware that you are using technology !!!

How can you by now put a glass of water in front of a small device or next to your smartphone with a chi-card® wallpaper and start enjoying the benefits of a living water in seconds... without being a chemist? 
Here a quesion, which provides you with the answer of this your question right away:  How can you cool down water inside a refrigerator without having the knowledge of an engineer
who works in a factory where refrigerators are manufactured ???

Most importantly: how can YOU learn how to do it in just hours and then make BIG money by proudly helping others to do the same?
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The Purpose of Orgone Technology

  • The demand for Chi-Generators® and related technologies is growing continuously!
  • This technology is new and now it is available to the general public.
  • There is only one producer of true high quality Orgone technology - that is us!
  • With such technology, people using it have powerful help to achieve the goals they could only
    dream about in the past.
  • Orgone technology makes the World a better place to live - for all
  • Orgone optimizes water into water that's alive
  • Orgone technology helps people to achieve their goals and to make their deepest dreams come true, in all aspects of life:   financial, relationships, protection and education... just to name a few
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What is Orgone Technology?

Before understanding what Orgone Technology is, let's first make it clear:  Orgone is life force:  a form of energy, which makes organisms alive and interact with their environments.  Other words for this energy are:  Chi, ki, mana, prana, od, personal magnetism, and many more ... even "psychic energy" refers to orgone most of the time.  It is a form of energy like electricity, gravity and time. 

Now to the technologies:  Technology of electricity is technology in which electricity is the main factor, making it possible.  Alternators generate electricity, while electrical machinery such as refrigerators, air conditioners, heating units, computers, electric motors, light bulbs, etc., are technology of electricity, i.e., technology which requires electric energy to function. 

Orgone technology is similar.  At the basis of it is the orgone generator®, just the same way as an electric generator, or alternator, is at the basis of electric technology. 

Therefore, orgone technology is then any operation, or setup, which requires orgone energy to function.  Yes!  we can change physical characteristics of matter (such as conductivity) at a distance with the help of massive orgone energy, which is generated by orgone generators.  And there are other operations, such as action at a distance for manifestation, for instance "spell work" or "magic" or "remote viewing," which were known and have been used for tens of thousands of years, and for which orgone energy was needed and used, and those "ancients" knew of various ways of generating this energy and transferring it, and methods of tai chi, pranayama and activities in charismatic churches are just a few examples.  These ancient methods of orgone technology compare to ancient methods of using electromagnetic energy such as making light with the help of a torch.  Therefore, using the orgone generator® and using this much more powerful energy for affirmations, manifestation of intents, attraction of results, etc., compares to the use of electric generators to power light bulbs rather than using torches:  In other words:  a lot more power for much better results!

Now, here is a difference between just an Orgone Technology and our technology, and it's a big one: our technology produces massive amounts of life force with the help of the purest Orgonite®.  Orgonite® is our registered trademark - Karl Hans Welz invented Orgonite®.

transferIt's extremely easy to help others in achieving the success they always desired and it can be very rewarding !!!

For more than two decades, many people used our Orgone technology and it has worked for them like top-of-the-line magic!

That's why it sells itself, Especially when your potential customers perform the free tests and get direct evidence this way:  evidence which is worth more than a thousand words, of course!

And now, quite obviously there are lots of things, for which you can use orgone technology to help you achieve the results you always wanted:

In fact, the sky is the limit... and what follows here are just a very few examples of the success waiting for you:

  • Money. Increase finances and achieve financial independence.

  • Business. Use our technology to provide your customers with an "unfair" advantage over their competitors.

  • Marketing. Boost your business success with raw energy flow to attract a lot more customers.

  • Advertising. Supercharge advertising materials with super powerful orgone energy which causes people to love and remember what you are offering.

  • Relationships. Improve your relationships to the levels of pure pleasure.

  • Love. Find new love, attract this ex lover again, make someone fall in love with you, and do it with ease.

  • Charisma. Radiate charisma wherever you go and make people to be aware of you.

  • Persuasion. Mind control people and make them accept your ideas and they love to do so with absolute ease.

  • Weight control. Lose or gain weight with ease.

  • Sports. Develop skills, aggression, precision. etc.

  • Gambling. Increase your chances of winning when gambling.

  • Speed learning. Master any subject like a pro and do so rapidly.

  • Computer Gaming. use the orgone shooter and point it at the character(s) of your opponents - or at the screen - defining it generates confusion at the opposing person(s) playing specific characters.

...and the list can go on and on and on. In fact, it's anything you can possibly think of, any of your desires, which fits this list.

What our technology does:  it gives you access to raw and very powerful life force and it is up to you where you direct it and what task you assign to it!

Our technology based on science - the science of life force, which explains how you can use this energy in more powerful interaction with your environments!  Click here and go to for more info! It is a science, which is backed by research, by double-blind experimentation, and therefore by solid proof!  And most importantly, it's backed up by people who successfully use it!  To learn more about successful use of this technology, go to


So you certainly can be a distributor/reseller - and now a few more important facts, and I am certain you are going to like them

  • To start your business with us is extremely easy - ask us about approaches you like and feel good about!

  • We can provide you with highly effective marketing materials to ensure your success.

  • We have the best possible support for our distributors and customers.

  • You can operate your business fully online, offline, or both, and you can also decide, which approach you want to take in your promotions.

  • Our equipment is manufactured in the USA and it comes with a 2-year warranty.

  • When you start up with us, we can take care of educating your customers on how to use the technology.

  • We are determined to achieve mass satisfaction, not mass distribution. This means that we create best quality products and best quality customer service.  Our distributors do not compete against each other, cannot compete against each other, because there are many more potential customers for our products out there than distributors.

  • And most importantly, we are determined to make sure that we meet the needs of every single distributor.  This means that if you have any questions, suggestions or requests - just let us know!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use this same technology to promote my business?

A: Absolutely! We will train you how to do it successfully.

Q: Does anyone need to buy separate machines for different tasks or one machine will do it?

A: In about 95% of the cases, one machine will be sufficient.

Q: Do I need to keep inventory in stock?

A: This is up to you. It's always nice to have at least one machine for yourself so that you can truly experience the power of this technology and at the same time show it to your potential customers. It takes only seconds to experience the power of the technology.  We do drop shipping any time!  Whenever you decide to have equipment in stock, that means higher profits for you!

Q: I want a full, unique website with my domain name to resell equipment. Is this ok?

A: Absolutely! In fact, we can help you build one, and we have two skilled website designers on board who will be more than glad to cut special deals for our distributors.

Q: Can I operate this business outside of  the USA?

A: Anywhere you want!

Q: Are there any restrictions?

A: The main restriction we have is that our equipment should never be promoted for healing or curing of medical diseases, or suggested to be substituted for medical treatments.  This is a must.  Any distributor who violates this rule will be automatically suspended. There are too many legal issues involved with this subject.

Q: How can I become a distributor?

Simply contact us:  Click here to email

Or click here and enter our onlineshowroom

+1 770 924 0223

There is a great opportunity for experts in feng shui who understand the method of setting up the feng-shui energy of choice anywhere and who like to promote this method, and at the same time this is a great opportunity to make good money doing so! To find out how you can do this, click here and email us !!
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There is also a great opportunity for professional astrologers who want to help people by way of setting up astrological energy fields, i.e. "astrological greenhouses," which will help them attract whatever they desire and this also can make good money for the helping distributing astrologer!
You can find out more about this exciting opportunity! click here and email us !!
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And there is a great opportunity for any other expert, consultant or psychic who likes to help people with this exciting method of setting up energy fields and make good money doing so! For more info, click here and email us !!

Another great opportunity is for persons who are interested in joining our research team of developing life force technology in biodynamic and other agriculture, gardening and for animals. Be on your own farm or on our farm in Tennessee - Chattanooga area. Click here and email us for more info !!!


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